Agape Christian Church 
Covid Updates
First of all, thank you all for being so patient and faithful during this difficult and unprecedented time. We have walked a road in the last few months that no one ever expected to. Thank you for walking it with us.

Return to Online Services (updated 12/10/2020)

With much thought and prayer, the elders of Agape Christian Church have decided that we will return to online services starting immediately. This means both Sunday morning and Sunday evening services will be online, as well as our Christmas Eve service on Dec 24.
We will still be using the La Porte Community Schools as a metric for when we will be in person or online only, but we will only return to in person services when the schools are fully back in session and not doing a hybrid in person/online schedule as they are currently.
We will continue to watch the Covid situation in our county closely and let you know if something changes as soon as we can. God Bless, Agape Christian Church Elders