kids4kids4kids4Welcome to Kingdom Kids!

Our children volunteers have been given an amazing privilege to weekly invest in the lives of children and they do not take the responsibility lightly.

Volunteer workers will help the children experience the love of Christ. Providing a safe, clean, joyful environment for the short time these young ones are in their care is the goal. It’s all about smiles, hugs, encouragement and fun!


Info coming soon!

Summer camp. It’s a chance for your kids to…get away from home, make new friends, get messy, stay up late and have some fun. Right?

Well, yes. And no.

Because there’s a lot more to summer camp than fun and games.

An overnighter of summer camp can impact your kid’s faith like nothing else can. No matter the camp you choose,Your kids will go on a journey with God. They’ll hear life-changing truths. They’ll worship. They’ll talk about it together. They’ll build better friendships.

And they’ll connect with an adult – their small group leader – who will personally invest in them.

And, yeah, they’ll have some fun, too.

Summer camp is where memories are made. 

The kind of memories that can shape a kid’s faith, 

and will stick with them long after the week is over.

Summer camp matters.

And it’s right around the corner.

While Michicana Christian Camp offers many camps. We have chosen four camps with the goal that we will send out kids to camp TOGETHER! For many of the kids at Agape this will be their first time away from home with out mom and dad. So lets send our kids to camp TOGETHER!

We also know that covering the cost of summer camp can take some planning so we are more than happy to help out. We do not want anyone to miss out on this opportunity. Please talk with Theresa Cadwell if this is an area of concern.

Registration is going on now.